Architectural Photographer and Wow Factor

Architectural Photographer Carmel Brantley
Architectural exterior photographed at dusk
Architectural photographer Carmel Brantley
Dramatic lighting and reflections

As an architectural photographer, it is important to understand the “wow” factor. When it comes to magic hour shots, whether at dawn or dusk, the “wow” factor seems easy.  The drama, the lights, the reflections, the saturated colors – they are all part of the mix.  It may appear easy at a glance, but as the saying goes,  “timing is everything” and when it comes to photographing at twilight, this couldn’t be more true.  To catch the right balance between the daylight and the inside lighting is critical.  As every architectural photographer knows, stunning dusk/dawn shots make for happy clients, and we all want happy clients!

15 March 2016