Architectural Photography Project – Hugh Newell Jacobsen

Architectural photography projectAs a professional photographer, having the opportunity to work on an architectural photography project with acclaimed Washington DC architect, Hugh Newell Jacobsen was a wonderful experience.  The editorial assignment was to photograph a residence located in a private club in Vero Beach, FL.  I called Mr. Jacobsen prior to the shoot to discuss the photography and to see if he needed me to get any props.  His response was quite colorful!  I won’t repeat it here but know that it was colorful!

Architectural Photography ProjectThe house was classic Hugh Newell Jacobsen, complete with his signature, floor-to-ceiling bookcases in the library.  He had me snip a few bougainvillea branches from the yard  which he used as a centerpiece on the dining room table.  We chatted about architecture and design.  He told us how he wanted all of his projects to have a “wow” factor when you walked through the front door.  Again, his commentary was more than colorful when it came to the wow factor!

Architectural photography projectWe took a break from shooting and hopped in the car with him to view several of his other projects in the area.  Each house was more impressive than the last.  After watching us work for a few hours, he told us we didn’t need him as it appeared we knew what we were doing when it came to shooting an architectural photography project.  He was off to the airport while we finished the shoot, missing his entertaining and colorful commentary.

Architectural Photography Project9 August 2016