Florida Architectural Photos – Stiltsville

stiltsville floridaOn a recent yacht photoshoot, we couldn’t resist taking some Florida architectural photos of Stiltsville.  Stiltsville in Miami is an interesting collection of wood stilt houses a mile offshore from the Cape Florida Lighthouse.  Dating back to the 1930’s, only seven houses are still standing.

stiltsville history miami

Seeming to float above the beautiful blue waters of Biscayne Bay, Stiltsville Florida has a colorful history that started with “Crawfish Eddie Walker” and the first shack built on stilts.  Accessible only by water, the area was the place to see and be seen when visiting the Miami Beach resorts.  Stories of illegal alcohol and gambling led to police raids.  At its peak in 1960, there 27 structures.  Hurricanes and the ravages of nature made the buildings relatively short-lived.

stiltsville home in Miami

11 July 2016