Luxe Miami Cover Features Brantley Photography

Luxe Magazine Miami

The Luxe Magazine Miami Cover for May/June 2017 features an interior design project by Cullman Kravis Interior Design, New York.  We were thrilled when Luxe gave us this editorial photography assignment.  And to have the Luxe Miami Cover is a true bonus!

The house, located on Key Biscayne, was a pleasure to photograph!  It has dynamic, cutting edge design, combined with a fresh, fun-loving family vibe.  It was the first photo shoot in which we worked on set with Luxe Editor in Chief, Pamela Jaccarino along with Senior Art Director, Martin Elfers.   The two day design shoot kept us moving from room to room trying to take advantage of the incredible natural light flooding the spaces.  The home owners had a fabulous contemporary art collection which made the shoot all the more exciting.  The 16-page spread was not only the cover of the Miami Edition of Luxe, but it was featured in the Palm Beach/Broward Edition, as well as the National Edition of Luxe Magazine – a real “hat trick”  (for you hockey fans) for Brantley Photography!  We are very grateful to have had this wonderful opportunity.  Many thanks to the talented team at Luxe Magazine, including Pamela, Martin and Photography Director, Olivia Lambert!

Luxe Miami Cover Photography by Brantley Photography Luxe Magazine Cover Photography Miami Interior Design Photography Miami 14 May 2017