Puppies, Pillows and Photoshoots

How can you go wrong with puppies, pillows and photoshoots?!!  Had such fun photographing Palm Beach interior designer Ellen Kavanaugh’s new adventure, Casa Kingsley, a collection of colorful print pillows.  Named after Ellen’s dog Kingsley who passed away recently, Casa Kingsley offers a variety of sizes, shapes and patterns.  Her new puppy, Sunny was the perfect model!  After shooting in the shop, I loaded up the car with pillows and set up at various locations around Palm Beach.  Capped off the shoot with an early morning set up at the beach.  Hubby Robert was a true sport as I had him toss pillows into the air one at a time.  Photoshop did the rest to compile the pillows into one shot, minus Robert!  I love having the opportunity to be creative and think outside the box.  Big thank you to Ellen and team for allowing me a long leash.  No leash needed for cute little Sunny Bear!

1 October 2020